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Bryan Ferry - Olympia

There are two headlines for Olympia, Bryan Ferry’s 13th solo album. The first is that it’s Ferry’s first collection of primarily original material since 1994’s Mamouna -- of the ten songs only Tim Buckley's “Song to the Siren” is from another author -- the second is that among the many collaborators here are Brian Eno, Phil Manzanera, and Andy MacKay, all original members of Roxy Music, their presence suggesting a return to the chilly art of Roxy’s earliest records. Neither headline tells the real story: Olympia is Ferry’s most seductive album since Avalon, a luxurious collection of softly stylized sophistication. Instead of pushing into new territory, Ferry focuses on refinement, polishing his signatures -- primarily songs so slow they seem to float, and also the occasional high-end piece of pristine pop-funk -- until they’re seamless, the textures shifting so subtly that when the chorus of “Heartache by Numbers” turns eerie, the change in atmosphere is almost subliminal. Such command of mood is a tell-tale sign of a quiet perfectionist, but Olympia doesn’t feel fussy; it’s unruffled and casually elegant, its pleasing familiarity reflecting the persistence of an old master honing his craft.

Bryan Ferry - Olympia (2CD Collector's Edit 2010)

Codec: flac
Size: 750 MB
Genre : Rock


CD 1

01 You Can Dance 4:28
02 Alphaville 4:25
03 Heartache By Numbers 4:55
04 Me Oh My 4:40
05 Shameless 4:35
06 Song to the Siren 5:56
07 No Face No Name No Number 4:39
08 BF Bass (Ode Top Olympia) 4:09
09 Reason or Rhyme 6:51
10 Tender Is The Night 4:34
11 Whatever Gets You Thru The Night - Bonus 3:19
12 One Night - Bonus 4:00

CD 2 - Alternate Remixes

01 You Can Dance - Fred Falke Remix 7:08
02 Alphaville - Time and Space Machine Remix 7:06
03 Heartache By Numbers - Circus Parade Remix 7:27
04 Me Oh My - DJ Cleaver Remix 6:42
05 Shameless - Still Going Remix 8:12
06 BF Bass (Ode To Olympia) - West End Wolf Remix 9:21
07 Reason Or Rhyme - Instrumental 6:54

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