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Triumvirat - Old Loves Die Hard (1976)(Remaster Edit 2002)

2002 remastered reissue of the German progressive rock act's 1976 album. Includes one bonus track originally released as a 7'' single 'Take A Break Today'. EMI

Old Loves Die Hard is this German band's most structured, most entertaining, and most accessible album next to the masterpiece Illusions on a Double Dimple. The elements of progressive rock are wonderfully marbled throughout these seven tracks, highlighted by the ten plus minutes of "Panic on Fifth Avenue" and the brashness "The History of Mystery." Singer Barry Palmer's voice climbs and descends to the backdrop of such keyboard machinations as the Hammond C3 organ and Moog synthesizer. Keyboardist Jurgen Fritz implements light delicacies of piano and strings to contrast the sometimes dominatingmore… feel of the synthesizers. While anything but dark, the music on Old Loves Die Hard peaks and sometimes hovers with a colorfulness that presents each song with some musical livelihood. There's an assertiveness that's cast throughout this album thanks to the whole-hearted fusion of percussion and bass, coming to life especially on "A Day in a Life." Triumvirat's emphasis here is on their free-range use of keyboards and creative application of voice and instrumentation, much like that of 1973's Illusions or '75's Spartacus...D. Jellinc

"Illusions in a Double Dimple" is the best album recorded by Triumvirat, and "Old Loves Die Hard" ranks at the second position in that list. Helmut Köllen went out to pursue a solo career (unfortunately, he had just completed his first solo album when he died), and was replaced by Dick Frangenberg (the original bass player) and English singer Barry Palmer. Highlights: the title track (beautiful), "A Cold Worried Lady" (moving), "A Day in the Life" (amazing)...Z. Aphelini


Hans Bathelt - percussion
Jurgen Fritz - keyboards
Werner Frangenberg - bass guitar
Barry Palmer - lead vocals


Studio Albums

Mediterranean Tales (1972)
Illusions on a Double Dimple (1974)
Spartacus (1975)
Old Loves Die Hard (1976)
Pompeii (1977)
A La Carte (1978)
Russian Roulette (1980)

Codec: flac
Size: 350 MB
Genre : Rock


01. I Believe (7:52)
02. A Day In A Life (8:15)
03. The History Of Mystery - Part One (7:50)
04. The History Of Mystery - Part Two (4:00)
05. A Cold Old Worried Lady (5:50)
06. Panic On 5th Avenue (9:16)
07. Old Loves Die Hard (2:16)
08. Take A Break Today (7' Single) (3:44)

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