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Juicy Lucy - Get a Whiff a This (1971)(2006)

I own 2000+ albums, CDs, tapes, and this has been my favorite album of all time. I first heard it in the 70's, and I still listen to it frequently. The vocals, the guitar, the horns, they are perfect. Probably not for anyone who isn't attracted to blues stylings, and raw vocal. My favorite cut; "Big Lil". The guitar break goes clear through the whole song,and the vocals are a perfect explanation of how Rock was born of The Blues...A. Custom

Juicy Lucy's third album in 18 months, and the third to draw as much attention for its artwork as its contents, would prove to be the band's last. Although a fourth Juicy Lucy album would appear in 1972, not a single founding member was left on board. Get a Whiff of This itself was very much the son of its predecessor, still locked firmly into a country groove (the twanging "Mr. A. Jones," the fast-pickin' "Jessica"), but looking out toward more unexpected pastures. The funky "Big Lil." and the blistering antiwar anthem "Midnight Sun" were both strong inclusions, while a take on the Allmans' "Midnight Rider" remains one of that particular anthem's most dynamic revisions. Despite at least half an album's worth of highlights, however, still there was nothing that really leaped out and grabbed the listener -- and nothing that could ever displace the band's debut from its sacred spot on the turntable, a fate that Glenn Campbell admitted he predicted when he conjured up that most distinctive title. It was his way of saying "the whole thing stinks."

Codec: flac
Size: 226 MB
Genre : Rock


Paul Williams - Vocals
Chris Mercer - Sax, Piano and Organ
Micky Moody - Guitar
Rod Coombes - Drums
Jim Leverton - Bass
Glenn Campbell - Guitar


01 Mr. Skin 3:42
02 Midnight Sun 3:42
03 Midnight Rider 3:13
04 Harvest 4:13
05 Mr. A. Jones 3:06
06 Sunday Morning 3:50
07 Big Lil. 4:32
08 Jessica 4:05
09 Future Days 4:06

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