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Status Quo - The Party Ain't Over Yet (2005)(2007)

The fact that Status Quo can deliver an album of this quality after around 40 years in the business is quite something. This really is a cracker! From the first track, it'll have you bouncing around the room and scaring the family pets. The song writing is excellent and there are some classics here - 'The Party Ain't Over Yet', 'The Bubble', 'Familiar Blues', 'All That Counts as Love' and 'Belavista Man' are really good songs, tightly played and delivered as one might expect. 'Familiar Blues' surprises with its acoustic opening and then kicks into a strong country blues number. Status Quo aremore… far from finished in the business when they can deliver an album of this fine quality. The title says it all!...D. Christen

Codec: flac
Size: 386 MB
Genre : Rock


01. The Party Ain't Over Yet 3:51
02. Gotta Get Up And Go 4:18
03. All That Counts Is Love 3:41
04. Familiar Blues 5:09
05. The Bubble 5:37
06. Belavista Man 4:22
07. Nevashooda 3:52
08. Velvet Train 3:34
09. Goodbye Baby 4:08
10. You Never Stop 4:33
11. Kick Me When I'm Down 3:17
12. Cupid Stupid 3:51
13. This Is Me 4:47

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