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Kin Ping Meh - No.2 (1972)(10-track Remaster 2007)

Kin Ping Meh's second album, the wittily-titled No.2, is not so much Krautrock as late-period Psych/Prog, with a guitar-driven jamming sound that was rapidly falling out of favour at the time. This isn't to denigrate the album, as it's actually fairly good, with a driving rhythm section and good playing throughout, although it now sounds very dated, as with many contemporary lesser outfits. The CD version adds five tracks from non-LP singles, and while none of them are bad, neither are any of them very exciting, and actually drag the album into 'boredom' territory, although I'm in general agreement with the 'make everything available' lobby. There isn't actually an awful lot of Frieder Schmitt's Mellotron work, with some flutes on Sometime, and a good strings part on My Dove, one of the album's best tracks. If you hear the CD version, the single version of Too Many People has some flutes and strings, too. As a result, despite a handful of 'Tron tracks, I can only really recommend this to enthusiasts of the country/era..D. Jellinc

Size: 110 MB
Genre : Rock


- Kalle Weber / drums & percussion
- Torsten Herzog / bass, vocals
- Frieder Schmidt / keyboards, vocals
- Willie Wagner / guitar, vocals
- Werner Stephan / lead vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion
- Uli Gross / electric & fingerstyle guitar
- Gerhard Mrozeck / guitar


01. Come Down to the Riverside (3:13)
02. Don't Force Your Horse (3:46)
03. Come Together (6:00)
04. Together Jam (4:55)
05. Liveable Ways (8:00)
06. Day Dreams (7:56)
07. Very Long Ago (2:54)
08. I Wanna Be Lazy (2:58)
09. Sometime (single version) (4:33)
10. Sunday Morning Eve (3:58)

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