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Kin Ping Meh - Kin Ping Meh (1971)(13-track Remaster 2007)

Kin Ping Meh is a guitar and organ laden (with mellotron) hard rock/psych band whose name is taken from a 16th century Chinese poem (it means "Plum Blossom Branch in a Golden Vase"). Though pretty much hard rock most of they time, they show many strong Beatles influences, a la John Lennon, in particular. The self titled first album, originally released late in 1971 as a quintet. The Revisited/Brain CD release of Kin Ping Meh contains both sides of both singles released before their first album.
Pop magazine described the album as ...eight melodious and catchy pieces. Perfectly produced and smoothly coordinated from a technical point of view, the album by Kin Ping Meh will easily become a commercial success.

Codec: mp3
Size: 150 MB
Genre : Rock


- Werner Stephan / lead vocals
- Willie Wagner / guitar, harmonica, vocals
- Fritz Schmitt / organ, piano
- Torsten Herzog / bass
- Kalle Weber / drums


1. Fairy Tales (9:53)
2. Sometime (5:48)
03. Don't You Know (7:30)
04. Too Many People (Live) (5:01)
05. Drugsen's Trip (5:52)
06. My Dove (3:36)
07. Everything (5:15)
08. My Future (2:47)
09. Everything's My Way (3:20)
010. Woman (4:12)
011. Every Day (4:14)
12. Alexandra (2:37)
13. Too Many People (3:50)

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