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Black Sabbath - Live Evil (1983) (2CD SHM Remaster)

Japanese only 2 x SHM paper sleeve pressing. Features 2010 Remastering. The SHM-CD [Super High Material CD] format features enhanced audio quality through the use of a special polycarbonate plastic. Using a process developed by JVC and Universal Music Japan discovered through the joint companies' research into LCD display manufacturing, SHM-CDs feature improved transparency on the data side of the disc, allowing for more accurate reading of CD data by the CD player laser head. SHM-CD format CDs are fully compatible with standard CD players.

Black Sabbath's first attempt at an official live album, 1982's Live Evil was also the straw that broke the camel's back -- or rather, split the legendary group's second lineup right down the middle. Band tensions were already at an all-time high leading into the album's mixing sessions, but when founding members Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler accused singer Ronnie James Dio of sneaking into the studio to raise the volume on his vocal tracks, the pint-sized warbler decided he'd had enough and, guilty or not, departed to pursue a solo career, taking drummer Vinny Appice with him. Fateful accusations aside, Live Evil does benefit from a crystal clear, in-your-face sound, and by showcasing even amounts of both Ozzy and Dio material, effectively documents Black Sabbath's renascent tours of the early '80s. Ronnie certainly has the vocal chops, if not the same everyman charm, to handle the Osbourne classics, but his incessant banter between (and during!) songs sometimes verges on the unbearable. And even though the album's only truly transcendent moments may be the vicious introductory pairing of "E5150"/"Neon Knights" and the extended "Heaven and Hell"/"Sign of the Southern Cross" suite, there's also nothing really amiss with solid interpretations of such all-time metal classics as "Children of the Sea," "Black Sabbath," "War Pigs," and "Children of the Grave" either. And considering the as yet unknown travails awaiting Black Sabbath in the post-Dio era, Live Evil's troubled gestation has come to seem positively idyllic in retrospect...E. Rivadavia

Black Sabbath - Live Evil (1983) (2CD SHM Remaster 2010)

Codec: flac
High Fidelity CD Formats
SHM (Super High Material)
SACD (Super Audio CD)
HDCD (High Definition Compatible Digital)
MFSL (Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab)
DTS 5.1 Audio CD
Size: 510 MB
Genre : Rock


Guitar : Tony Iommi
Bass : Geezer Butler
Vocals : Ronnie Dio
Drums : Vinnie Appice
Keyboards: Geoff Nicholls



01 E5150 2:21
02 Neon Knights 4:36
03 N.I.B. 5:09
04 Children of the Sea 6:08
05 Voodoo 6:07
06 Black Sabbath 8:39
07 War Pigs 9:19
08 Iron Man 7:29

CD 1

01 The Mob Rules 4:10
02 Heaven and Hell 12:04
03 Sign of the Southern Cross/Heaven and Hell 7:15
04 Paranoid 3:46
05 Children of the Grave 5:25
06 Fluff 0:59

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