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Dio - Diamonds: The Best of Dio (1994) (2005)

I have owned this 2 or 3 times now The first time I bought it in 1993 I purchased it to get a taste of the music before I went out to buy any of the albums. This cd covers the years 1983-1990 (Holy Diver through Lock up the wolves) and it is a good place to start if you are unfamiliar with Dio's solo work. There is only one non album track on here and its Hide in the Rainbow (great song) I think it was exclusively recorded for the film Iron Eagle and before this compilation was released the soundtrack was the only other place to find the song (The song Hide in the rainbow has not appeared on any other Dio compilation to my knowledge at least.) I really like the song All the fools sailed away from the album Dream Evil and its not included on this complation but I'm not too worried because I have the song on the cd. As I previously mentioned this a good place to start if you don't know too much about Dio's solo work...J. Jones

Dio is a heavy metal band formed by big-voiced Ronnie James Dio, in 1982, after his stint with Black Sabbath. The original line-up was Dio with Vinny Appice (drums), Vivian Campbell (guitar), and Jimmy Bain (bass). Claude Schnell was brought in after the first album so that Dio could be released from keyboard duties to concentrate on vocals. Their first three records were released in yearly succession, starting with 1983's Holy Diver and followed by The Last in Line and Sacred Heart. The first two achieved platinum sales, making those albums their most successful to date. Future releases were dogged by line-up changes, and after Lock up the Wolves in 1990 the band split for a while, during which Dio and Appice indulged a brief reunion with Black Sabbath. The return of Dio and Appice marked a change to a more commercial, modern sound and albums of this period (Strange Highways (1994), Angry Machines (1996)) are considered to be his best, or his worst, amongst fans. Magica (2000) was a return to the Dio of old and reached No.13 on the Billboard Independent charts. Dio marched on, with a steady progression of band members and albums until, in 2007, it was announced that Black Sabbath would reunite again, which may delay any further Dio albums until the end of that tour.

Codec: mp3
Size: 150 MB
Genre : Rock


01 Holy Diver 5:54
02 Rainbow in the Dark 4:16
03 Don't Talk to Strangers 4:53
04 We Rock 4:35
05 The Last in Line 5:47
06 Evil Eyes 3:38
07 Rock 'N' Roll Children 4:32
08 Sacred Heart 6:28
09 Hungry for Heaven 4:11
10 Hide in the Rainbow 4:06
11 Dream Evil 4:29
12 Wild One 4:03
13 Lock up the Wolves 8:34

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