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Dave:To me sometimes after meditation and stuff, I am 'drunk' and I dont feel like there is a distinction between myself and anything else.
there is just one thing, just experiencing this on an inner level isn't enough
there is an outward component of it
in short the exoteric aspect of that falls under the sufi adab which means etiquette or way of being
we have to integrate into society have wife and kinds professions and In everything we do be a mirror of that Absolute truth
we dont break or isolate ourselves from other around us becase as
shabistari says:
Your eye has not strength enough
to gaze at the burning sun,
but you can see its burning light
by watching its reflection
mirrored in the water.

So the reflection of Absolute Being
can be viewed in the mirror of Not-Being,
for nonexistence, being opposite Reality,
instantly catches its reflection.

Know the world from end to end is a mirror
one of the ramifications of the Unity of being in sufi practice
is that we focus solely on the absolute truth
we dont focus on this world or the next jsut the source

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