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CSI: Miami Season 8 Episode 3 “Bolt Action” Press Release | CSI ...

CSI: Miami Season 8 Episode 3 “Bolt Action” Press Release | CSI ...

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One of the most talked-about aspects of CSI: Miami is the fact that David Caruso wears sunglasses a lot and whips them off and says dramatic things. It has even been parodied by everyone from Jim Carrey to YouTube members. ...

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Well, at least they didn#t decide to kill off another of the CSI: Miami team. It was hard enough seeing Speedle get killed on the show. But if you check out this from Michael Ausiello, they almost decided to kill off Delko too! ...

Title: Choices 9C/? Fandom: CSI Miami Pairing: Calleigh/Natalia Rating: Adult Content Disclaimer: I don#t own them, but I spend a lot of time with them. This is gonna get really dark folks, and bloody violent so consider yourselves ...

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