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Prescription drug abuse pushes overdose deaths higher - Vanguard#39;s ...

Prescription drug abuse pushes overdose deaths higher - Vanguard#39;s ...

When one factors in broken marriages, lost jobs, emotional trauma, and needless deaths, the real cost of prescription drug abuse is in the hundreds of billions. We see the tragic endings of such stars as Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson, ...

Health care overhaul could raise Medicare Rx costsWASHINGTON — Medicare recipients could see higher premiums for prescription drug coverage as a result of changes to complex provisions in a Senate health care bill, a senior Republican ...

Everyone is entitled to get prescriptions at a discounted price regardless of their earnings, age or pre-existing conditions. There is a novel prescription.

Since 2005, the number of patients using the Internet to research prescription drug information has doubled to 102.3 million. Similarly, the overall number of eHealth Consumers, those online for any health and medical information, ...

CMS encourages beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescription Drug plans to review their current health and drug plan coverage for any changes their plans may be making for 2010 before the annual enrollment ...

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