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Milk Boy Coffee House – Philly PA

Milk Boy Coffee House – Philly PA

The milk boy Early in the morning do i see him riding going from door to door delivering milk for someone#s morning tea even though it rains in the shade he never remains moves and moves till the earth#s grooves to earn his daily bread. ...

Mustache Milk Boy definitely has a #milk mustache,# and he also has a ball-link loop of silvery metal chain strung through his head so he can go anywhere you do. The arms and head can rotate for some posability. Make him yours today! ...

YAAAAAAAAAAY =D. And thank you jjs999jjs (the big boss of this new great project around Milkboys) for all those dedicaces !!!!!!!!! click on the pic =D. MB. See you later in the day !!

[Category: Random]. [Pieces: 5]. [Pages: 1]. [Designer: Gareth Stranks]. [Download:]. Don#t forget to check PaperCraft Museum for the latest papercraft models and guides!

left my mac on when we went nd alex had been on msn nd sent me like a million messages, nd his msn name is mini milk boy, nd he says hes addicted to them cos of me lol. hes not online tho now grrrr. wanna see him today soooo much, ...

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