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Playing with 3.1 on 3.0!

If any of your guys are like me who havenít updated to OS 3.1 but still want to play games and apps from the AppStore which require the latest firmware this guide concerns you. This guide shows you how to fake your firmware to being higher than it actually is to ensure you can play the latest games.
There are two different methods to doing this.

Method 1:
1.Go to Cydia and download an app called FWChanger
2.Change you firmware to one of the following:
3.1 iPhone build is 7C144 and the iPod touch is 3.1.1 7C145

Method 2:
This method invovles editing files within the iPhone/iPod Touchís filesystems. You should only choose this guide if you canít be botherd or cannot download the above app as this is a bit more complicated. Here is a guide showing how to access your filesystems on iPhone/iPod Touch.
1.Access the filesystem of your iPhone/iPod Touch
2.Go to the folder /System/Library/CoreServices
3.Edit the SystemsVersions.plist file
Change the firmware number AND build number.

You can now play games requiring OS 3.1!

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