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Now, let's play hide and seek...

This could possible be Apple’s worst nightmare. Reilly from managed to create a UDID faker which allows you to completely hide your iPhone’s identity and potentially allow you to use other apps that people have paid for on the AppStore for free.
The UDID of the iPhone is a unique code that every iPhone and iPod Touch has. This UDID codes main purpose is within the AppStore for developers to see who is using there app and whether or not the app running is cracked or not.
Plus, with the UDID of an iPhone, you can spoof your devices UDID to be the same as that one to trick apps into thinking you have paid for the app and you will be able to use it for free.
Another purpose of the app is for people who were banned by BeeJive for running a cracked app, they can spoof their UDID so that the app thinks it is another device. So this also means, DO NOT POST YOUR DEVICES UDID ONLINE. For the users who DO have cracked apps, this app allows you to spoof the UDID for each app so you can protect your identity from the developers.

Well, enough chit-chat, download it HERE

How to install (courtesy of TheiPhoneSpot)
•Rename the downloaded deb to faker.deb
•Copy the file to var/mobile on your iphone
•Open up mobile terminal and do the following
•Type in su (press return)
•Type in alpine (press return)
•Type in dpkg -i faker.deb (press return)
•Enjoy using udid faker and think of the possibilites

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