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25+ Interesting Things About Sase Antic

In this post, called "25+ Interesting Things About Sase Antic", you can find out something more about me.
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So, DID YOU KNOW that...

- I'm a DJ in my free time. ;)
- I produce cool electronic music.
- Basketball is one of my favorite sports. With my friends (Chale, Driver, Gogi, Mishe, Dane, Milan & Shote) I can beat anyone on the planet.
- Web design is something like my hobby. I run few websites at Internet.
- I take photos a lot.
- Mostly I like to eat: goulash, donuts, chocolate roll, strawberries, beet and sorrel.
- Hat down to this drinks: warmed up brandy (with honey), bosa, vermouth, must and jua.
- I can listen any kind of music, but... mostly I like house and techno.
- Best music producers: BT, Paul Van Dyk & Deep Dish (I think they are aliens :) ).
- Favorite cartoons: Meceto Usko, Gustav, Kozle Bozle, Smurfs and "Dvorcek Za Domom".
- 'My favourite TV series (in last few years): Star Trek: Enterprise, The Sopranos, LOST, 24, SCI (Crime Scene Investigation: Miami, NY, Las Vegas), The O.C., The Apprentice, Las Vegas, Monk, Dream Team (Harchester United), JAG (Judge Advocate General), Obicni Ljudi, The Agency, Psi Factor, Medical Investigation, Farscape and Coupling.
- Movies: science fiction, extra good thrillers, comedies (that lead to peeing in your underpants ;) ).
- Sexxy-est girls: Natalia Oreiro, Angelina Jolie, Adriana Lima, Catherine Bell and Severina.
- I hate: mushy snow, when it's raining 7 days in a row, when I can't open can with meat paste.
- I like body building. Have muscles,... not so big as Petar Celik, but, however, they are well-developed. :)
- Like mountaineering a lot. I've climbed at Mount Everest,... but only in my dreams. :)
- My presence at Internet is big.
- As a kid I liked to be an astronaut. I like it today, too.
- I enjoy to glue those little citrus fruit stickers at the kitchen's small electric boiler. ;)
- My FAV sports teams: Manchester United, L.A. Lakers, FK Partizan and FK Hajduk (Vratnica).
- Do you know who's the biggest fan of the Dutch electronic dance duo '2 Unlimited'? That's ME! ;)
- Favorite actors: Harrison Ford & Charles Bronson.
- TV programs/shows that I watch in my spare time (in last few years): 'Twisted City' ('T-Grad' with Marija Atanasovska, Telma TV), 'Instinkti' (with Kire Pecijarevski, MTV), 'Jadi Burek' (with Janko Ilkovski @ Sky Net TV), 'Chumu' (with Aleksandar Chomovski @ A1 TV), 'Trski, mamci i drugi trakatanci' (Telma TV), 'Vo Centar' (with Vasko Eftov, Kanal 5 TV) & 'Ne Zaspivaj Sega' (with Ivan S. Mircevski, MTV).
- Radio shows: "Balkanska Ebanka" (ex Komercijalna E-banka)", with Viksa, Johan & Doktorot at "City Radio".
- Comic strip heroes: Blek Stena, but also Zagor, Komandant Mark, Kapetan Miki, Marti Misterija. The rest of the crew are OK, too. ;)
- I am one of the biggest fans of eurodance music in Macedonia.
- In the wintertime my favorite footwear are galosh. I have 7-8 pairs.
- Blood group: ABC; Rh factor: +- . :))

And,... this is just a small part of me. You'll need a lot of time if you want to explore my whole universe. ;)

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