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Beware of VAMPIRES LIVE spies...

The amount of apps on the AppStore which are being found out that they are spying on you is a bit shocking. Yet another game called Vampires Live App is one of them and, as far as I have seen, collects the most data from the victims iPhone.
The app is actually currently on the 23rd most popular stop on the AppStore free app list which means a lot of you out there are actually being spied on as we speak. I would strongly recommend uninstalling this application to protect you privacy or if you have a jailbroken iPhone/iPod Touch, install PrivaCy from Cydia which disables all the spying without you loosing the functionality of the app.

As I said, this app is the one that collects the most data (as far as I have seen)

This app tracks and reports your:
1.Your iPhone’s phone number (scary hein?)
2.Application version/number
3.Unique ID of your iPhone
4.The ammount of points you have
5.Your iPhone’s model
6.Your firmware

The most shocking of those is obviously that it tracks your phone number!Remember the SMS security hole in 3.0? As I said before, delete this app if you have it installed.

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