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1 Month RapidShare Premium giveaway!

Well, my friends, my dear visitors of this site (more than 4.000 unique per day), here's a reward for you! A simple answer to this post (in comments) and your opinion about this site, what do you think about, do you love it or no, etc etc. Whatever comes to your mind... The account will be given at 1900CET (Central European Time).
So, i let you to find HOW to make comments, HOW to convert time, and WHAT you want to say about it. It's all up to you, so, if you're best, you will win 30-days RapidShare with no obligations.
As i said, RS Premium is on the floor, all you have to do is to grab it... Don't forget to provide your email!

Also, you can post in comments your best site (not mine) for anything related to iDevices, it will also counted, but u have to write reason why!

That's it... happy commenting! fino

Update: Me & My friend will decide who's best, so it's not only my decision! naughty

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