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iPhone HALO!

iHalo4iPhone full version has finally been released to the public. This is a mod for the Quake4iPhone app which gives you Halo on your iPhone. It may not be the exact version its pretty good as far as a homebrew game will go. Definately worth checking out!
Here is a video of the beta 2.2.1. This is not the version of the full release so the one you are going to download is better!

Here is how to install:

MANY More levels, weapons, and enemies, including the lobby system, new controls, and crosshairs (ooo… ahhh…).
To install this, you must trick Cydia. It will NOT let you install this unless you do EXACTLY as I say.
A)Uninstall any Halo4iPhone game or Quake4iPhone game.
B) Immediately after inserting the Repo address, go to the Game section in Cydia, click on iHalo CRF, and press the top-right button before it loads. This will prevent Cydia from detecting any errors.
C) Let it install, ignore the errors.
D) Reset iPhone/iTouch
E) Using either iCommander or SSH, set the permissions on the game to 775 (i think)

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