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JOHN CORIGLIANO: Altered States (1980/FLAC/Scans)

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Most of John Corigliano's output is created for the concert hall, but from time to time in his hugely respected career he has been asked to put together music for film. The first occasion was for Altered States about some extreme mind-altering affects of sensory deprivation. Ken Russell, the director, had listened to a performance of the composer's Clarinet Concerto and thought that this might be the composer for his latest movie. Parts of the story and visuals are far out, and Corigliano's music matches the swings between different hallucinations and reality. Most of the music is orchestral in nature, though some electronic effects are used including brief snatches of what sounds like Rock of Ages.

Since this initial foray into film music, it seems as though Corigliano has shied away from the movie business ever since. However an opportunity presented itself in the form of a film about a violin (The Red Violin from 1997). Corigliano’s only other feature film score was Revolution (1985) starring Al Pacino. A disc of Corigiliano’s music for the film has never been released.

Three Hallucinations is a suite that the composer derrived from his score to Altered States and features what probably is Corigliano's best-known music, though maybe not consciously so for most who hear it. Corigliano's stunning film score for Altered States set new standards in marrying music to cinematic images, and it established the composer as a formidable artistic force. The suite extracts 15 minutes from the complete score, beginning with the opening sequence "Sacrifice", continuing with "Hymn" (an improvisation on Rock of Ages), and concluding with the deliciously barbaric Ritual, with its jostling, disjointed rhythms and screaming orchestral sonorities. Corigliano assembled the concert suite in 1981 and it has been played and recorded frequently by orchestras throughout the world.

1. Main Title/First Hallucination
2. Love Theme
3. Second Hallucination
4. First Transformation
5. Primeval Landscape
6. Second Transformation (The Ape Man Sequence)
7. Religious Memories And Father's Death
8. The Laboratory Experiment: Jessup's Transformation / Collapse Of The Laboratory / The Whirlpool And Journey To Another Dimension / Return To Reality
9. The Final Transformation


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