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Modal Soul Classics by Nujabe

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Born Seba Jun, the Japanese producer under the alias of Nujabes, and his hydeout productions crew have produced some of the most innovative and soulful beats for over half a decade. Nujabes garnered much attention back in 2005 as one of the featured producers for the anime, Samurai Champloo. With this release, Nujabes delivers a compilation of the work of the artists that have inspired his own work. This is a treat not to be missed.


1. To Impress The Empress/Scott Matelic
2. Ai-No-Kawa/Sleepwalker
3. Atoll Moao/Goldlix
4. Under The Hood/Specifics
5. Winter Lane/Dsk
6. “Mourn,Sob & Cry/Blue Asia”
7. Children/Haki R Madhubuti
8. Sound Network/Unison
9. Omnipresence/Takero Ogata
10. A Dream Goes On Forever/Todd Rundgren
11. Dionna/Heprcam
12. Folklore/Clammbon
13. Vem Para Ficar/Lava
14. Iyawo/Omar Sosa


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