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TEACHER PROFILE - Introducing Alex

He is a teacher who teaches the ESL Level 3 class. His full name is Aleksandar Jecmenica, but everyone calls him Alex. He is from Serbia. His hobbies are basketball and paper maché. I sat down with him to learn a bit more.

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the snowman he is holding is done through paper maché, the process of creating objects using paper stuck together. One of Alex’s imaginative creations, hand-crafted with care

Q: Why did you become an English teacher?

A: I guess it’s in my family. My mother was an art teacher and my father a university professor. So, I started studying English at a very early age. I wanted to be a translator. Later, when I was offered a teaching position, I accepted it and gradually it grew on me.
It is especially enjoyable here in multicultural ESL classes.

Q:What makes you happy when you are teaching?

A: Well, finding a creative and interesting way to get a language point across, incorporating visual arts and music in my classes, and generally I’m happy to see students having fun learning English.

Q: What do you think is the most effective way to learn English?

A:To quote my friend Simon, a TOEFL legend, “ Being shy is a waste of time.” You must be ready to make mistakes and learn from them. Do your homework and talk, talk talk. It shouldn’t be too difficult here because you’re surrounded by English. Embrace the opportunity and make the most of it!

Interview by Eri Tanaka

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