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Sun Ra - The Futuristic Sounds Of Sun Ra (1961)

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"Bassism" is a great opener. It starts out in a very "traditional" vein, with a jumpy horn line that is then interrupted by a short flute burst, and then the song breaks down into a funkier groove, reminding me very much of the music that would do well in a "Swingers" type movie. And it all feels like it was written for today, not 40 years ago.
From there, the album continues along the same road until "The Beginning," which is sparse and experimental-sounding. I can only assume that people might have been taken aback by this in 1961. "New Day" is very sparse and percussion-focused, and features an otherworldly flute solo.
"Tapestry from an Asteroid" is a very moving piece, and one can see the significance of its title. It has a real slow groove and melody, which sounds like music you might hear in a Humphrey Bogart movie, only there is something strangely subversive about it.
That really sums up this album: it's traditional elements are used successfully as a springboard to create a very futuristic atmosphere -- a good blend of the familiar and the unfamiliar. By erGo.
1. Bassism
2. Of Wounds And Something Else
3. Whats That
4. Where is Tomorrow
5. The Beginning
6. China Gates
7. New Day
8. Tapestry From An Asteroid
9. Jet Flight
10. Looking Outward
11. Space Jazz Reverie
12. China Gates


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