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Tiramisu twist


Long time no see! I know, I know....The thing is that I lost my camera charger so I can't take any pictures :(( But guess what, I am going home in 5 days where I have another charger fortunately. Be ready for some amazing pictures from my lovely hometown Split ;)

While being gone from my blog, I was very very busy. Stacey and I worked with our breads Chef who is working on his home baking book and it was a great experience. We mixed a lots of breads, tried to bake them all in home ovens, of course tasted them, and discovered the magic of the camera and food styling!
I contributed to his book by making two traditional sweet breads from home. It was a great honour to do that and I am anticipating the year 2010 when the book comes on the market! You should too, it will be amazing!

So now I'm in restaurant production desserts class and it's great! I absolutely love plated desserts and I hope to post some of mine and Stacey's work since we're in a team.
This is a Tiramisu twist we did on Friday that we changed slightly so it tasted and looked a lot better then the Chef's original formula.
We are also working on a project that each team was assigned to and we got to do a plated dessert for a seafood restaurant. You should be looking foward to that, it will be an amazing presentation!

Sooo, starting Monday I have 3 more days of this class and then the last day of school I start the new block which is the amazing Apple Pie back back of the house. As you may remember, I posted a few Apple Pie desserts, but I chose to do breads instead of pastry, because there's a lot more going on. I am a person that likes action and breads is exactly what I am looking for. Stacey will be doing lamination (puff pastry, danishes, etc.) and I will be responsible for baking a finishing. Before starting with production we need to trail for 3 days, meaning to observe and get to know our station from the students ahead of us. That means that these last four days will be tough, because coming to Apple pie at 2:30am - 6:30 and then going to class from 7 - 1:30pm is...uhhh...

You can expect posts the upcoming days - it's a promise ;)


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