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33 u hladu (290, pa nije li to pun kufer?)

bude me u 4 i pol
ma kamo idemo?
'ko će doć?

Give us a ring-ding-ding! It's a beautiful day.
Yeah Todd, this is Liquid ring-a-ding-a-dinging,
want those three Bran Van tickets man. Waddya think?
Todd, you there?
I woke up again this morning with the sun in my eyes,
When Mike came over with a script surprise.
A Mafioso story with a twist,
A "Too Wong Foo, Julie Newmar" hitch,
Get your ass out of bed, he said:
I'll explain it on the way.
But we did nothing, absolutely nothing that day, and I say:
What the hell am I doing drinking in L.A. at 26?

to je tako kada ljeto dođe prije vremena
ne smijem više niš reć
dok ne dođem k sebi
oteli me jutros
odveli u nepoznatom pravcu

Playo, ljubi te sestra
čuvaj kuću!!!

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