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And...more bread!


Breads are amazing and I get fascinated by them every single day. From the lectures about the wheat kernel through the whole procces, to the dough itself, it is just amazing. The book that we have for class is the one I would strongly recommend, from Jefrey Hamelman simply called ''Bread'' . Recipes are more for a proffesional baker, but the readings are fantastic and he explains everything alongside his life stories and interesting facts.

The picture of the bread that is in the oven is one of the most unusual breads I have seen. Once you have your rounded piece of dough, you make like a little whole in the middle and fill it with an olive oil-rosemary mixture. Then you pinch the sides so you have a little bag, making sure it's well sealed. After that, turn it upside down and round it gently so you can see the marinade underneath the surface of the dough. Once proofed, it gets scored like shown on the photo. It is very delicate to make, but the results are amazing!

The bottom photo was our today's evaluation, just like what we do every day. We had regular and extremly long baguettes, semolina bread, challah, then special challah with raisins and cinnamon, chocolate-cherry Panettone, multi-grain rye, sourdough, brioche, focaccia with onions and rosemary and this one with spinach and feta..Oh, I am so lost now, there is probably something I missed, but I think you enoyed these I mentioned quite a bit :)

Well, off to bed now, because I need to be up in a few hours!
OH, and the grape shaped one, is just regular lean or baguette dough! ;)



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