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Breads class

BREAD - The most simple and staple food, but yet again, so complex in preparation and definitely something that needs skills to make properly. I was in breads class in my first year, but this is Specialy breads now. It's such an amazing class, so interesting, and surely hard work. Depending on what station you're at, there are different hours when you need to start. Most of us start at 6am, but there are two teams that begin production at 5am. That will be my job a week from now....
Believe it or not, but it doesn't even bother me to wake up at 5 each morning! I really have fun in class; I learn so much every day, I have a great chef, very good teammates (there are 3 of us, of course Stacey is one of them), and we have a breakfast bar each morning! :)) There is a team responsible for that, and we always have different kinds of breads, fruit, cheese, and anything that team is inspired to do!

Today I finally brought my camera with me, and took this photo of Pain Tricorne or ''three corner bread'', a French regional shaped bread. At the end class, after lecture, we evaluate our products. Chef cuts them all and we taste and discuss them, and it's always different, because each team changes the station every 2 days, so the products are different. I was really impressed with this French shaped bread, which is a regular sourdough (not a big fan of it, probably the only one that I'm not fond of), but it definitely looks great.
Oh boy, I never ate this much bread before, that's basically what I've been eating for the past week! mmmmmmmmmm

Hey, it's Friday already!! More on bread next week! ;)



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