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Oh my ganache


What a lovely view, huh? This was our chocolate presentation at the Grand Buffet this Thursday.
The top picture is all chocolate, and the construction was made from the scraps of Chef Grewling's huge chocolate sculpture. The whole design was Stacey's idea, including the ''Oh my ganache'' sign that she said one time in class and we all loved it :))
As you can see, there was a big asortiment of different chocolates, as well as sugar candies and marshmallows as shown on the bottom photo. Chocolate is an amazing topic, and possibilities are endless. It is hard, time consuming and more complex then what we've done before, but very interesting and challenging.
I am ready to proceed to the next block, which is Breads class (meaning getting up bright and early), but I'm looking foward to it.
I need a break from chocolate, so kneading dough for three weeks is definitely a nice change!


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