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Thomas Dolby - 12 x 12 Original Remixes [2001]

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Artist: Thomas Dolby
Title: 12 x 12 Original Remixes
Year: 2001
Label: EMI
Catalog#: 521194
Format: CD
Styles: Alternative Pop/Rock, Synth-Pop
This compilation is not strictly a best-of collection. Rather, 12 x 12 gathers 12 original 12" versions of Thomas Dolby's best material. This new U.K. series includes extended versions of "Europa & the Pirate Twins," "One of Our Submarines," and "She Blinded Me With Science" (of course). Other noteworthy tracks include the "Heavy Brother Sub Version" of "Hyperactive" and "Hot Sauce." Truly for fans only. Those looking for a regular-mix compilation should not buy this first. Instead purchase The Best of Thomas Dolby: Retrospectacle or Premium Gold Collection.

1. Europa and the Pirate Twins (Extended) [4:01]
2. Windpower (High Power Ext Play) [5:58]
3. Flying North (High Altitude Ext Play) [5:49]
4. She Blinded Me with Science (Extended) [5:07]
5. One of Our Submarines (Extended) [7:15]
6. Get Out of My Mix [7:58]
7. Hyperactive (Heavy Breather Sub-version) [5:05]
8. Dissidents - The Search for the Truth (Part 1) [7:13]
9. May the Cube Be with You (3d Mix) [6:49]
10. Airhead (Francois Kevorkian Mix) [7:04]
11. Hot Sauce (Extended) [6:56]

Download Info:
Files format: MP3
Files bitrate: 192 kbps
Files size: 95.14 MB


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