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Bob Dylan's Radio

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Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour Season 2 - Episode 13 – “Countdown”
2007 | Classic Rock | MP3 192 kbps | 88 MB | RS

Theme Time Radio Hour – Your home for Countless Dreams, Numerous Themes and Infinite Schemes

There’s a familiar saying ‘moving from the sublime to the ridiculous’. Today we’re going to go the opposite way. -Bob Dylan

Dylan's magnificent and seminal Theme Time Radio Hour series continues with this great episode themed on Countdown, that wonderful sexual innuendo and a much-loved zero-budget UK TV show about letters and numbers!

The songs on this show are of an exceptionally high standard, as is the show entire itself.

“ We’re going to have to do a Cold show just so we can play “defrost your heart”. - Bob Dylan

Forget a licence to kill, these people have a licence to print money. - Bob Dylan ”

We’re going to have to do a Cold show just so we can play “defrost your heart”. - Bob Dylan

You know what happens at the end of a countdown. I got to blast off. -Bob Dylan

This week's show was broadcast on XM Satellite Radio on 12 December '07.

Yap, it's a great theme - so much so that it's the second time Bob's come to the theme - and it’s a great mix of songs and bon-mots in this episode.

We start with a female rebuke to Prince Buster’s Ten Commandments by one Helen Fleming from 1966. We get some other obscure stuff from the likes of The Honey Bears, The Carlisles, and the rather strange Cocktails For Two by Spike Jones. I thought Spike was too busy making dumb Charlie Kaufman movies to release an album of 1940’s songs!

I loved the Jacqueline Taieb song 7 in the Morning. Those French Chanteuses sound so fucking sexy! And Jackie did look rather fine back in the day! Wonder if Bob ‘bumped’ into her then! Who knew that deciding what shirt to wear could make for a great single!!

There’s the seminal Sun Ra and Rev. Utah Smith as well as a great James Brown transformation of a rather staid number. A great track too from Charlie Feathers – Bob’s a huge fan obviously.

Elvis C is here again. Second week in a row! Seems there’s a bit of a Bob love-in there! (I know they've been touring the States together). Anyway, it’s from back when EC was good. It's the classic Less Than Zero, and better still, the rare ‘Dallas’ version thereof.

We get a piece on the wanker Charlton Heston – who apparently isn’t as bad as we thought (but still a wanker!) as well as a piece on the dangers of playing cards (well, if you’re a gangster anyways!)


01 Opening
02 Eve's Ten Commandments - Helen Fleming
03 "Charlton Heston"
04 Rocket No. 9 - Sun Ra
05 Nine Have Tried - The Carlisles
06 Beat Me Daddy, Eight To The Bar - The Andrews Sisters
07 7 Heures Du Matin - Jacqueline Taieb
08 007 (Shanty Town) - Desmond Dekker
09 "License To Kill"
10 Six Days on the Road - Dave Dudley
11 "Busman's Holiday"
12 Five O' Clock Whistle - Duke Ellington & Ivy Anderson
13 "Phone Call & Number Puzzle"
14 Four Five Or Six - Milton Brown & His Musical Brownies
15 "Died while playing cards"
16 Three Hearts In A Tangle - James Brown
17 Cocktails For Two - Spike Jones & His City Slickers
18 I Want Two Wings - Rev. Utah Smith
19 One Bad Stud - The Honey Bears
20 "Big Pile of Number Ones"
21 One Hand Loose - Charlie Feathers
22 "Mr. Oswald" - Elvis Costello
23 Less Than Zero (‘Dallas’ version) - Elvis Costello
24 Closing/End Credits


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