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Sun Ra - The Night of the Purple Moon

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Artist :::::::::::[ Sun Ra
Album :::::::::::[ The Night of The Purple Moon
Record co ::::::::[ Saturn/Atavistic ALP264CD
Style ::::::::::::[ Jazz

A fantastic sky bit of wild keyboard jazz from Ra - on CD
for the first time ever, done up beautifully by Saturn Records
and the Unheard Music Series! Night Of The Purple Moon was
recorded in 1972 and Ra playing two different moogs, and his
classic rocksichord - likely put to its most mind alteringly
great use on this LP! John Gilmore, surprisingly enough, plays
percussion, except on the track "Impromptu Festival", which
features him on tenor. The group is small, and features Danny
Davis and Stafford James, besides Ra and Gilmore. The cuts are
short, with kind of a sky feel -- really led by the keyboards
in odd, but soulful and melodic way! Titles include "Sun-Earth
Rock", "Impromptu", "Blue Soul", "Outside The Time Zone", "Night
Of The Purple Moon", "Dance Of The Living Image", "Love In Outer
Space" and more. This new version includes 4 bonus tracks, 3
previously unreleased - with a longer, alternate take on "Love
In Outer Space", plus 3 Ra home recordings from 1964 with Ra
doing his thing on Wurlitzer -- titled here as "Wurlitzer And
Celeste", "Wurlitzter Solo 1" and "Wurlitzer Solo 2". Amazing,
work from the mythical Ra!

1. Sun-Earth Rock
2. The All Of Everything
3. Impromptu Festival
4. Blue Soul
5. Narrative
6. Outside The Time Zone
7. The Night Of The Purple Moon
8. A Bird's Eye View Of Man's World
9. 21st Century Romance
10. Dance Of The Living Image
11. Love In Outer Space
12. Love In Outer Space {Alternate Take}
13. Wurlitzer And Celeste
14. Wurlitzer Solo 1
15. Wurlitzer Solo 2

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