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Artist :::::::::::[ Sun Ra
Album :::::::::::[ Disco 3000
Record co ::::::::[ Saturn/Art Yard CD 001
Style ::::::::::::[ Jazz

Complete Milan concert 1978

Sun Ra: piano, organ, moog, rhythm machine, vocals
John Gilmore: tenor sax, drums, vocals
Luqman Ali: drums, vocals
Michael Ray: trumpet, vocals
June Tyson: vocals

If this is disco, point us in the direction of Studio 54! The
album's one of Ra's greatest from the 70s -- recorded in Italy
in 1978, and featuring some incredibly otherworldly keyboards
that are some of his most enigmatic on record! This hugely
expanded version features a whopping 12 tracks in all -- the
complete performance that originally spawned the album, all of
which is as delightful as the 3 tracks that were originally
issued on vinyl. Finding all this extra Ra material from the 70s
-- over 2 hours of music -- is like finding a time machine --
and the well-done package comes with great notes and excellent

Disk: 1

1. Disco 3000
2. Sun of the Cosmos
3. Echos of the World
4. Geminiology
5. Sky Blues
6. Friendly Galaxy

Disk: 2

1. Third Planet/Friendly Galaxy
2. Dance of the Cosmo Aliens
3. Spontaneous Simplicity
4. Images/Over the Rainbow
5. When There Is No Sun
6. We Travel the Spaceways

Size: 191 MB
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