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Louie Vega Pres - Back In The Box

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Artist : Louie Vega Pres
Title : Back In The Box (Sampler1)
Year : 2007
Genre : House
Label : NRK
Size : 53,10 MB
Playtime : 23:35 min


01. alexander hope - saturdays 06:45
02. groove collective - i want you (she's so heavy) 11:00
(eric kupper mix)
03. mermaid - luv is 05:50

raxsource info:
Masters At Work main man, ‘Little’ Louie Vega, has compiled & mixed the second instalment of NRK’s Back In The Box series. This is a DJ friendly unmixed sampler with 3 previously unavailable digital tracks

No-one could have predicted the longevity of house music, a genre that grew out of the hybrid sounds of disco, funk, European new wave and the development of drum machines and samplers. From the early works of the Detroit and Chicago pioneers in the mid 80s, right through to today’s software enabled, minimalist dance sounds, house music has influenced so many, and brought together dancefloor devotees from all four corners of the globe. So many classic records have hit the platters over this period, but with the desire to progress the music scene at a rapid pace, so many of these landmark tracks have been filed under ‘forgotten gems’….up til now……


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