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jebotekruh! konačno predstavljena javnosti - Ullgulluum offical biografija

čini mi se da je naslov dosta jasan. dakle, evo, po prvi puta - Ullgulluum biografija u javnosti:

Ullgulluum bio:

This band comes from Zagreb, Croatia. An idea to form band Ullgulluum was mINdBREAKer’s so he could be called the former of the band. He has many diferent names; he is known as mINdBREAKer, Gulluum, Genndy Taratowsky, Underpants Master, Mrazomor… An idea came to him while he was on summer vacation with Ull on Vir in 8th month of year 2004. They were talking about some grind metal bands and Gulluum began to understand that they should form the band too, but he didn’t tell that to Ull immediatley.
The band was supposed to be called Evil Wicked Teddy Bear Fuck, but one night 15th October Gulluum was feeling strange, so he taped track “Ullgulluum testing” by himself and then he made up name Ullgulluum and decided that’ll be the name of the band. Then, the same night he asked Ull to join the band and he said yes. Some guy Čupavi was supposed to be the guitarist but after that night they didn’t call him and he didn’t call them, with no reason. So, the first true line up was Ull on percussion and sometimes on back vocals, and Gulluum on vocals.

Gulluum recorded one more track by himself called “It comes at night – test” on 27th October and it is the only Ullgulluum’s song in whitch appears guitar. Band did nothing until they got drunk while they were going in Zabok to see the Melkor show and they decided to tape something and they did record their first two pre-demos on that same night (!!!). First demo was called Oral diarrhea / Serenade of farts and it was split pre-demo with Gulluum’s project Rectal pOetry. Tapes of Rectal pOetry were taped from 16th 3rd 2004th – 1st 11th 2004th and it contents of Gulluum’s rectal vocals and his farts in many variations. Gulluum likes to say that Ullgulluum was formed in desire to make most strange and most sick music on the planet. Their first recording was recorded on the Gulluum’s cell phone and isn’t published yet cause they have problems putting that from cell phone to cd. Ull’s percussion on the song “Black gloves” was performed with the bottle plugs, some metal garbage can and window curtains and song was recorded in the train to Zabok (!!!). The song “Ttt (The True Train)” was recorded in the train too, with the bottle plugs again, song “Josipa, glavna gotičarka” was recorded late at night on the streets of Zabok on some kind of metal fence, and song “We’re lost and gay” was recorded while they were going on the Melkor’s show and got lost and Ull used traffic sign for his percussion and he was playing it by hitting in it with his head in the middle of the street (!!!!!).

In the same night Ullgulluum recorded their second pre-demo called Violently mastrubating while playing on the see-saw. It was recorded on the mp3 player that their friend Tona had. They didn’t stop the recorder between the songs so on that cd is mostly their drunken talking. That cd was recorded in front of the castle Gjalski in some park and as an instruments they used metal statues on which the children climb on, see-saw, sticks, bushes, some truck tire and so on…

Friends of members of the band started to notice this grotesque formation and some comments were going around. But band really became famous (about 15-20 people knew about them) with their first real demo Full Moon Childraping (idea for the title was Ull’s) which was recorded on 26th 11th 2004. But that’s when the troubles started. It seemed like Ull lost all interest for the band. He never felt in good mood for taping, he didn’t want to be a part of it, he was bored, simply he became lazy, and one time on recording he almost fucked up the tape and the radio on which they were taping by spilting some rum on it ‘cause he was drunk. Last third of the cd was recorded by Gulluum alone ‘cause drunk Ull went somewhere in the middle of the recording. But record was made successfully, and they had a new instrument; accordion whitch Gulluum played. Cd was produced by Krešo, mate from band Asylum in which Gulluum was. Cd was made successfully but Gulluum figured out that he can’t go on with the Ull in his condition.

Just before the beginning of the recording of their second demo Ull again didn’t feel like doing it so Gulluum lost his nerves and kicked him out of the band, but Ull likes to say that he did go out of the band by himself because Gulluum started to smoke. Ull made his own band Inverted Pink Unicorn Of Destruction, and in a while Gulluum was woried ‘cause he knew that he couldn’t go on with the band just by himself. But he decided to start taping new cd no matther what. But he was lucky ‘cause on his way to the woods where he wanted to record he accidentaly met his friend from the band Thrash Invaders and he went with the Gulluum with no reason and after a few minutes when Gulluum told him what happened he said thad he could be a new drummer, so it was decided. Because of their artistic names Ull and Gulluum were Ull’s idea, gulluum didn’t want to steal his idea so he changed his into Underpants Master and new drummer called himself Clit Master. Clit master was faster and more rhytmical than Ull and he was sick in the head as the Underpants Master so they get along well. It is unnesecary to say that their music was still complete inprovisation and that they still played on the junk that they found on the street and the trustfull accordion.

The taping of the new demo started on 18th December. In the middle of the recording of the new demo Ullgulluum had their first live performance on 26th December in front of three people, so because of that it was called Tri ljudi- Ullgulluum’s first live performance outside Močvara and there was a guest appearance on it on the percussion by Isus from Asylum. But that live tape was never published ‘cause recording was destroyed by Isus when he deleted it from his cell phone on whom it was recorded. Ullgulluum had two more live shows after that and they successfully scared off all the people who came on it in just a few minutes.

The new record is called Sucking my own shit & semen from little girl’s opened stomach. On one song, for change, Underpants Master was drumming and Clit master wrote text and sang; it’s song Svršavanje po liftu dok me gleda pijani truli penzić. On songs 45 –57 there’s guest appearance by their producent and mate from Asylum; Krešo who played accordion. Ullgulluum made many world records while making that demo. First, the cd will have 107 songs on it, whitch is maybee not the world record but you gotta say it’s pretty fucking amazing. Second, Underpands Master was found a new member of the band while recording, Božić from his band Them, but he kicked himself out of the band in one second, literally. Then, they have the shortest song on the world which is long just half second. They have the most senceless song ever which consists of randomly picked up words from dictionary. They have the song with the longest litle, too; “Danas sam smislio i napisao 30 pjesama za Ullgulluum i primijetio da loše utječu na moj razum jer sam se počeo bezrazložno luđački smijati do suza na sve jebene pjesme, a pogotovo na one najbesmislenije kao na pjesmu 80, 96 i 97”. They have some interesting covers on that demo, too. An tragedy allmost happened at the end of the taping. The record was finnaly done on 6th 2nd 2005. The day after Underpants Master was all happy and wanted to listen what they have done the day before, but tape jammed in the recorder, badly. Underpants master went crazy and started to crush and rip the parts of the player out in the hope to free the tape, but that didn’t help. After hours of trying to free the tape and not to break it, Underpants Master broke and started to smoke 10 cigarretes at the same time and started to insanely cry and laugh at the same time, and then he fell into the depression and he was like that all day. He promised himself that he will quit smoking if all goes well and if someone somehow succeed to save the tape, and it was just like that, fortunately. Underpants Master’s father went to the mechanics and there the tape was freed. Tape fucked up on some spots so they had to tape song “Dalmatinci jedu ribe” again. They planned celebration drinking the next weekend on which they taped their 4th live show in front of their friends and put it as a bonus track 106 on their record. They recorded it completely with the camera from their friend Roškar, too and will publish it with some other future tapes on the divx.

On 12th 3rd year 2005 they decided to change their artistic names again so Clit Master became Horny Lunatic and Underpants Master became Mrazomor. They have plans for two more cds in the next year. They are already started to do a cd about their friends with who they go out drinking on 29th 3rd 2005 and it would be called “Hrpa bljuvotine od svih iz ekipe”. It’ll include many many bonus tracks on whom you can hear the atmosphere from drinking on the taping of that cd in the catacombs on mountain Sljeme. There was guest appearance on that cd by Božić who made noise or played something in some songs. There is an interesting story from that taping when Mrazomor drank 1 l of schnaps and wanted to fuck his female friend and after that he jumped from the roof of some old house and almost killed himself. He broke his leg and hurted his jaws and nose so the taping stopped for some time.

After that they were planning to do an horror cd in catacombs on mountain Sljeme called ”Dreams of screaming dead reflections”. But that cds will be probably taped during next Summer and Fall. Underpants Master also dealt with some problems before his continuation with Ullgulluum. He had some psyhical problems lately, like paranoja, and he ‘s trying to quit smoking so he wanted to go to psychiatrist ‘cause of that first problem.

On the 9th July 2005 Ullgulluuum stopped exiting for some undecided time because on 7th July Mrazomor found a girlfriend so he became “too normal” so Horny Lunatic refused to play or do anything until Mrazomor gets in to his old condition. But on the 20th July they unecspected played one-song concert in front of some French tourists, but band came togeather again on 24th July when Horny Lunatic on a question when will Ullgulluum continue to exist said that “Ullgulluum is something too retarded to ever stop existing.”

Date 16th 8th 2005 was also wery important for the history of the band ‘cause Mrazomor was going out with some friends and he accidentaly found out that his friend Božić was recording him on his cell phone while Mrazomor was drunk in front of club Močvara at 26th 11th 2004 (the night of recording Full Moon Childraping demo) singing some song and trashing garbage can for percussion and it was great discovery ‘cause that was probably the rearest track of band which even the band itself didn’t had or heared ‘till then. Božić sent that recording to Mrazomor on his cell phone with ICP and it will be published on some of Ullgulluum’s still unpublished cds as bonus track while Mrazomor buys cable with whom he would send that tape from cell phone on a computer and on the cd. He decided to call that song “Ultra rijetka snimka od datuma 26-og 11-og 2004. nabavljena od Božića koju do nedavno nije imo ni bend di Kvatrić svira sam pijan ultra kul true za prave fanove bonus track”

On the 1st November 2005 Ullgulluum started to work again, the day after Mrazomor’s girlfriend broke up with him and Mrazomor was insane and he invited Horny Lunatic in the woods and they recorded their first MCD which has 8 tracks. There was no prepared text for this recording so Mrazomor was just insanely jelling and cursing, and in the last track he vommited on purpose and Horny Lunatic Was taping that. On one track they switched roles again so Mrazomor was drumming and crashing things and Horny Lunatic was singing. That recording in the woods on cold night costed Mrazomor two weeks of time that he was forced to
lay at home because he did get very ill. In that time he wrote many lyrics for some future records and decided to record new Rectal pOetry record immediately after the first would be published.

On 2nd December 2005 while they were out drinking Horny Lunatic decided to change his artistic name again into Vukohod after watching cartoon Čarobnjakov Šešir from which name Mrazomor was taken, too.

On 13th July 2006 they finnaly released their record Sucking my own shit & semen from the little girl’s opened stomach, after going through the year and half of troubles and difficulties to do that.

After that, Ullgulluum stopped with it’s activities for some while. Almost an year passed, and they did nothing, except at one occasion taped “Family Issues” record which was mainly taped on Vukohod’s mp3. Unfortunately, half of tapes was accidentally destroyed, and other half is still existing but in some strange digital format that first needs to be decoded, if possible.

But, Ullgulluum should start with intense activity very soon. There is a new recording on the plan list, and also they’re thinking of publishing one of their drunken tapes where they act retarded while being taped in Vukohod’s room. It should be published under name Ullgulluum show vol. 1. And some live shows are possible, too. So, be prepared, ‘cause, this summer the demented beast will live again!

Continue to listen their insane/retarded/blitz/ghoulish/psychodelic/trash/gore/gonzo/AGM(acoustic grind metal)!


Bands in which all Ullgulluum members were and are:
Mrazomor: Nerves (ex), Asylum (ex), Tears of snow, Rectal pOetry, Ullgulluum, Psycho Wrath, Taedium Vitae (ex), Ultimate Orgasmic Solitude, Pregnant Fetus
Vukohod: Alcohol (ex), Thrash Invaders(ex), Ullgulluum, Psycho Wrath, Papists (ex), Krrussy
Ull: Ullgulluum (ex), Inverted Pink Unicorn Of Destruction, and other we’re not aware of…
Božić: Ullgulluum (ex), Masakreator, and other we’re not aware of…
Čupavi: ???

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