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Iran & ili lose-lose scenarij?

Iran and USA: 'Enjoying The Hostility'

Bahman Aghai Diba PhD International Law - Persian Journal

The Islamic regime of Iran and the government of the USA have many points of dispute. The question is: are they interested to solve them? It seems that both sides are enjoying the current mood of hostility due to their reasons.

As far as the regime of Iran is concerned, I think the answer to the above question is definitely no. the Islamic regime in Iran is a failed system. It has failed in economic, political, social and even cultural fields. At the same time, the regime is blaming the USA for all of its problems. If the US is out of this picture, then how are they going to explain their failures?

Some experts and ordinary people in and out of Iran argue that if Iran makes a compromise with the West, the main problems of Iran would be solved. I do not think so, and I believe the Islamic regime of Iran is very well aware of this fact. Which of the important problems of Iran will be solved in case of normalization of the Iran-US ties?

Population of Iran has become doubled in the last quarter of century that the Islamic regime is dominating Iran. At the same time, all governmental and nongovernmental capabilities have remained the same or reduced. What is the relations with the US going to do with the unemployment, hidden unemployment, low level of educations, brain drain, lack of skills, huge number of drug addicts, (one of the highest in the world), inflation, stagnation, stagflation (combination of the inflation and stagnation), depression, rising demands of the young generation, backward industries, old-dated administrative systems, weak agriculture and so on?

The reality is that the relations with the USA will not solve any of these acute and serious problems of the regime of Iran, at least in a quick way. On the other side, the Islamic regime of Iran will lose its "whipping boy".

The regime of Iran, considers the USA as personification of all values that the regime opposes. For the same reason, what it will gain fro the relations with the USA must be so important to compensate such a great loss. The regime needs to defend its policies, suppress the people, violate the human rights, close the newspapers and kill the opponents.

On the other hand, the US also sees good points in hostility with Iran.

Some of them are:
1- The US has difficulty in Iraq. It is a good policy to divert the attention to somewhere like Iran.

2- The Arab states of the Middle East region, are afraid of Iran's plans and they ask for:

A- US protection
B- Buying more weapons from the West
C- Supporting the US policy in Iraq
D- Getting closer to Israel

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