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Mirror, mirror on the wall
tell me, mirror, tell me all
Among all the others on earth
is it true you gave me birth?

Is it true I look at me
at you, dear mirror, I can see
all that beauty and all that pride
maybe, mirror, I'm a bride!

Am I bride of Son of God
Can I really wear that gold
Or is my form that ruins all
And I'm dead that I don't know...

Tell me, mirror, tell me all
Where I lost my self and lost my soul?
Oh, so silent, so hard you are
I want joy and you gave me none.

Maybe, maybe I should buy new one
Maybe that one will be more fit for my life
Or maybe, just maybe I can steal one, too

Show me how nice I am
Show me, you stupid glass!
Show me that I am needed again
And that I can run a life again.

Oh, I am sorry that I spoke so loud
I promise that I'll not do it again
Just give me pleasure and love
that no one gave me before.....

Mirror on the wall
I will always take you to my heart
I will give you warmht of my soul
I will show you the world
And you will show me in it, my dear!

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