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Nove vijesti!!!!!!!

Prije par minuta sam ovo pročitala!

A short time ago ago RTCG confirmed to our partner site,, its intention to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007. Ms. Banovic from RTCG didn't give any more information on the selection procedure or dates for the national selection. It's highly possible though to see a 2007 edition of Montevizija to take place. With the potential participation of Montenegro, Serbia, Georgia and a possible return of Austria and Italy, it is however possible that more than 40 participants will attempt to enter the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest. If this was to occur, some countries would be disappointed!
Last year, as part of the federation with Serbia, there was a clear disagreement with RTS regarding the winners of the joint national selection, the group No Name with the song "Moja ljubavi". Which led to the entire country to withdraw from the 2006 contest in Athens.

The Montenegrin group No Name have previously represented Serbia & Montenegro in the 2005 contest in Kyiv with "Zauvijek moja".

Following a referendum earlier this year, Montenegro narrowly voted in favour of independent from Serbia.

As new entrants, Montenegro would be required to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest semifinal on 10th May.

Dakle...možda ćemo opet gledati No Name...premda čisto sumnjam jer su rekli da više neće ići na nikakva natjecanja,nastupat će samo u revijalnom dijelu ili sudjelovati kao autori teksta i glazbe!

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