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British Fifty Pence coin

50 pence coinThe British decimal fifty pence (50p) coin – often pronounced "fifty pee" – was issued on October 14, 1969 in the run-up to decimalisation to replace the ten shilling note.

The coin is minted from an alloy of 75% copper and 25% nickel. Between 1969 and 1997 the coin weighed 13.50 grams and had a diameter of 30.0 millimetres. In 1997 the coin was reduced in size to weigh 8.00 grams with a diameter of 27.3 millimetres. Apart from the reduction in size the design remained essentially the same. Note that the coin is not circular but is an equilaterally curved heptagon to aid identification. The sides are not straight but are curved so that the centre of curvature is the opposite apex of the coin, allowing the coin to roll freely and have its diameter measured correctly in slot machines (see also: curve of constant width). This shape was also later used for the twenty pence piece. Vidi cijeli članak / see whole article.

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