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She sits there and cries, alone in the dark
Her surroundings reflecting the true feeling in her heart
Wanting to cut her wrists open so bad
And still feeling so amazingly sad

Gone, empty, nothing more
Physically rich, emotionally poor
Never again to have anything
Destined to live life in suffering

What is her problem, why so dull
She has almost everything, friends and all
Suddenly she breaks out in a scream and a yell
The words she says are drowned in her hell

She raises her hand and touches her cheek
Finding a mirror, she takes a peek
Suddenly realizing what true ugliness is
She falls once again into a dark abyss

Unable to take the image anymore
She throws the mirror to the floor
As it shatters, she sees herself
Only to feel her insides melt

She cant handle it and grabs the knife
And once again begins to slice
The pain searing through her arm
The blood running down onto her palm

She runs some water over the gash
The red disappearing in a flash
Spiraling down the drain, it goes
Along with the promise she had made to her friends.

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