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Old Ladies In The Tram

Annoying old fat stupid cunts,
Here they go, here they come
I see'em running on tram like sprinters
Fucking faster than you or me
But when they enter they start to whine,
Sigh and fucking pretend to limp
They smash people with boney ellbows
Force their one tone bodies in
There's no way that there's no room for'em
So they push some kid from the tram
When you sit they stay next to you
And rest on you 'till your bones crack, they do
And complain on you out loud to embaress you
They breathe in your fucking face
'Till you get out to throw up
Old people suck old people suck
Old people fucking hellish suck!

Post je objavljen 23.04.2006. u 14:36 sati.