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16 Bit - Changing Minds.mpg
Alan Cook - Bad Dream (Live).avi
Albert One - Four Your Love (Live @ Iventi Party).mpg
Arabesque - Marigot Bay.mpg
Baby's Gang - Challenger.mpg
Banco - Lontano da (Live @ DiscoRing '84).mpg
Bianca Neve - Prince Kiss.mpg
Brian Well - Maybe I'm Crazy.mpg
C.C. Catch - Soul Survivor.mpg
Celeste - Hey Boy (Eurotops).mpg
Chicasss - Manana (Eurotops Appearance '89).mpg
Chip Chip - Everything You Love (Live @ Pin Up Club '88).mpg
Daydream - In the Night (Live).avi
Deborah Kinley - All For You.mpg
Dee D. Jackson - Meteor Man.mpg
Dee Dee Jackson - S.o.s..mpg
Den Harrow - Holiday Night.mpg
Den.Harrow - Medley (Live) (m80s).mpg
Diana Est - Le Louvre (Live @ Festivalbar '84).mpg
Diana Est - Tenax (Live '82).mpg
Dimateo - Diavolo (Eurotops).mpg
Divine - Native Love (Step By Step).mpg
Dollar - Natures Way.mpg
DOMINO - Mickey Mouse March (Eurobeat Version) dance'avex PARAPARA ALL STARS'.mpg
Doris D & The Pins - Shine Up .mpg
Doris D. & The Pins - Dance On_(1981 Dutch_TV).mpg
Doris D. & The Pins - Jamaica (BeastMaster).mpg
Double Take - Rockola (Live @ EKB).mpg
Dresden China - Fire and Rain (Live @ P.I.T. '86).mpg
Eddy Huntington - Up & Down (Formel Eins).mpg
el pasador-no stop sigla iniziale RAI.avi
Fair Control - Symphony of Love (Eurotops).mpg
Fake - Donna Rouge (Live @ DiscoRing '84).mpg
Fancy - Megamix(Live@Reunion2004_Formel_Eins).mpg
Fancy - Megamix.mpg
Firefly - My Desire (Italo-Disco-Funk).MPG
Flexy Cowboy - Domination (Live).mpg
Fred Ventura - Heart Beat (Live in México).mpg
Fred Ventura - Imagine (Live in México).mpg
Gary Low - La Colegiala (Live @ Azzurro 1984).mpg
Gazebo - I Like Chopin`83 [VJ Big Master Video Edit 2004].SVCD.m2v.mpg
Gazebo - Masterpiece.mpg
Gazebo - Telephone Mama.mpg
Gazebo - Trotsky Burger (Live @ DiscoRing).wmv
Gina T. - In My Fantasy '88 (''Eurotops''2.36 partial clip)(2).mpg
Giorgio Moroder & Gloria Gaynor - The Last Night.mpg
Giorgio Moroder & Phil Oakey - Together In Electric Dreams.mpg
Hubert Kah - So Many People (Live '89).mpg
Inker & Hamilton - Dancing into Danger (Formel Eins).mpg
Jeanne Mas - Johnny Johnny.mpg
John Christian - Ebony Eyes (Formel Eins).mpg
Julie Pietri - Eve Leve Toi.avi
Karen & Chelle - Sugar Daddy.mpg
Ken Laszlo - Tonight (Live on Catalonian TV).mpg
Laban - Caught by Surprise (Live @ Extra Tour).mpg
Latin Lover - Casanova Action.mpg
Lee Marrow - Don't Stop the Music (Disco Rally).avi
Limbo Koblaz & Tv Set - Doctor Edison.mpg
Lime - Guilty.mpg
London Boys - London Nights (Live @ ZDF).mpg
L-Vira - Talking About Rambo (Formel Eins).mpg
Macho Gang - Naughty Boy (Live @ Polnish TV).avi
Morris - Tonight's the Night (Eurotops '86).mpg
Mozzart & Mike Mareen - Medley.mpg
My Mine - Can Delight.mpg
Nathalie - My Love Won't Let You Down (Live @ DiscoRing '84).mpg
Neil Smith - Help me Through the Summer (Eurotops).mpg
Novecento - Excessive Love (Formel Eins).mpg
Novecento - Movin' On.mpg
Novo - Extremix (Musikladen).mpg
One to One - There Was a Time (When We Were Young).mpg
Paul Lekakis - Boom Boom (Live).mpg
Paul Paul - Good Times (Live @ Festivalbar '84).mpg
Peter Baumann - Strangers in the Night.mpg
Peter Schilling - The Different Story.mpg
Philippe Cataldo - Les Divas du Dancing.avi
RAF - Self Control (Live @ Midem '85).mpg
Raggio Di Luna - Comanchero (Live @ Peter's Pop Show '85).mpg
Raimunda Navarro - Jesahel (Live @ Polnish TV).avi
Righeira - Vamos A La Playa.mpg
Rockets - Ideomatic (Live @ DiscoRing '82).avi
Ryan Paris - Fall in Love (Formel Eins).mpg
Sandy Marton - Camel by Camel (Festivalbar).mpg
Sandy Wilson - Gimme Your Love Tonight (Live @ Sky '86).mpg
Saphir - I'm Alive (Live @ Extra Tour).avi
Sauvage - Do You Want Me (Live @ Pin Up Club '88).mpg
Savage - Celebrate.mpg
Savage - I'm Losing You (Live @ Sopot Festival '89).mpg
Scotch - Disco Band.mpg
Selena - Shotgun (Eurotops).mpg
Shana - I Want You.mpg
Silicon Dream - Albert Einstein.mpg
Silicon Dream - Andromeda.mpg
Silver Pozzoli - From You to Me.mpg
Squash Gang - I Want an Illusion.mpg
Squash Gang - Moving Your Hips (Live).avi
Stadio - Acqua e Sapone (Live @ DiscoRing).mpg
Style - It's a Secret.mpg
Taffy - Once More.mpg
Tapps - Hurricane (Live in México).mpg
Tapps - Runaway (Live in México).mpg
The Droids - The Force (Live @ DiscoRing).avi
The Flirts - Passion.mpg
The Twins - Ballet Dancer.mpg
The Twins - Love in the Dark (Live @ Musichall).mpg
The Twins - Tonight.mpg

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