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Blair accuses Iran and Syria of terrorism
Mon. 23 Jan 2006-Iran Focus
British Prime Minister Tony Blair accused Iran and Syrian on Monday of supporting terrorism.
“Iran is giving active support to terrorists round the Middle East and elsewhere”, Blair told reporters at his first monthly press conference of the year. “There is a situation obviously as a result of what has happened in Lebanon where there are very serious question marks about what has happened in Syria”, the British Prime Minister said, referring to the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minster Rafiq Hariri.

“We are happy to have better relations with Syria and Iran, we have no desire whatever to act against people in Iran or people in Syria, but the governments of those two countries have to understand that the only basis of friendly relations is that they abide by their international obligations and do not support terrorism in other countries. Now I am afraid at the moment that is not the case”. “Now if either of those two regimes is prepared to meet us on that ground there is a different relationship that is possible, but it can't be done on the basis that they support the types of activities I am afraid it seems as if they have been supporting in the past few years”, he said.

Cekamo 'dokaze' uskoro...
Hm, a mozda ih Condie cuva zajedno s irackim WMD dokazima koje je obecala pokazat prije nekoliko godina?

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