srijeda, 18.11.2009.

utenzi: Yo mama so fat that she...

utenzi: Yo mama so fat that she...

yo momma is so fat they use her thongs as ropes in boxing matches. Like - Dislike.

yo mama so POOR SHE COULD ONLY BE YO MAMA LOOK AT YOU. Like - Dislike.

yo momma#s glasses are so thick that when she read a map she can see people waving. Like - Dislike.

Dem yo mama jokes are funn #; Shorty just told me that if I stop talking to her she gonna stop talking to guys and treat everybody mean after I told shorty its #; She asked me if I her want her to turn itno a ugly fat lesbian? ...

some yo mama jokes. yo mama so fat when she put on her yell0w coat everybody called taxi! yo mama so fat when she sat on a rainbow it started raining skittles yo mama so ugly she when to a contest the judge said no professional ...

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