Gay male sex toys

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Gay male sex toys
Whether you are new to gay sex toys or an experienced user of gay male sex toys, there are many adult products on the market today that are specifically designed for gay men. While this is by no means the only adult toy on the gay market, some male sex toys, such as cock rings, have been around since as far back as 1200 when they were first used by the Chinese during the Golden Song Dynasty. , while the Fleshjack brand of Fleshlight male masturbators was introduced in 2007 specifically for gay men.

Gay toys for inexperienced men

Gay male adult toys more suitable for beginners include products such as male sex toy starter kits. These kits are a relatively inexpensive way to try out a wide range of male-specific products, including adult sex toys such as penis pumps, butt plugs and cock rings. Docking plugs (also known as anal plugs) are also popular in the gay male community because it stimulates anal passage. Anal beads also fall into this category. Most anal bead strings feature beads that get progressively larger as you increase the size along the string, meaning the user can insert as many beads as possible. Many also come with handles that can be easily released. Docking plugs are available in a variety of lengths and circumferences, depending on the level you are at. Some anal plugs are available as anal training kits and usually include three different sizes of butt plugs. Cock rings are commonly used by men of all sexual orientations to enhance and prolong the quality of an erection by restricting the flow of blood to the penis.

Traditional Sex Toys for Gay Men

Sex pumps temporarily help increase the length, girth and hardness of manhood by creating a vacuum in the cylinder, which causes excess blood to rush to the penis. Male dolls feature vibrating and non-vibrating upright cocks, deep anuses and seductive mouths to provide endless possibilities. Dildos with balls and realistic vein and penis head details are also popular. For the experienced gay man, anal vibrators and docking vibrating plugs are available for variable speed operation of the anal channel. Anal plugs with ridges along part or all of the length of the shaft can also provide assisted anal stimulation. Vibrating spinner rings help with a similar response, but for the penis. The pleasure wand is a double-ended device that massages the scrotum and balls at one end while sending stimulating vibrations to the anus/prostate at the other end. The male g-spot stimulator pivots to massage the g-spot deep in the anus, producing incredibly intense orgasms.

Male Masturbators

Male masturbators are another popular male sex toy
for all male sexual orientations, although male masturbators don't just come in the form of fake vaginas and masturbation sleeves. In today's market, several male masturbators are available specifically for gay men. They include vibrating anuses and tubes that have openings in the anus. The most popular gay male masturbators are the Fleshjacks line. Fleshjacks are members of the Fleshlight family (a new type of masturbation tube) and not only have the characteristic real skin sensation inside the tube, but the opening comes in the form of a gunstock and anus, while some of their inner sleeves replicate the inside of the tube. The anal passage makes it the most realistic penetrating sensation in male masturbation.

The most important thing to consider when using gay male toys is whether one is new or experienced is that the anus does not produce any natural lubrication, so anal lubricants must be used to make penetration more enjoyable and relaxing.

Amy Shepherd works in marketing for Venus Sales Ltd, a UK-based online retailer that operates a number of retail sites including Sinful Sensations.

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