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Monster Hats of Cultural

For the China Hui individuals, large of a hat no special indicating, provided that they like, what colours can be. Men hat again and forth: a little man wearing a bright cap without canopies, also known as "prayer cap", the conventional Islamic male Monster Hats cap, a non-edge little round Fox Less difficult. Hui and bowed in worship, the forehead and nose to the ground, wearing a toque operations more convenient, then developed into a dress and traditions.

Cap again and forth from large perspective, usually bright, greyish, pink, natural, red, dark-colored and other colours, some solid, there are many Islamic design with lace or styles, text, such as the moon and stars pattern, Persia "Allah to Big, "" clear truth "and, according to the different seasons and occasions, choose to use the kind of appropriate. Wearing a bright hat usually fall up to spring, summer, winter use greyish or dark-colored. The most uncommon thing for the uncommon bright cap type of marriage the groom wearing Monster Hats and more, to show joy.

Hui cap for common use Dacron, polyester card, natural silk cotton and other materials generation, it also uses the program of bright natural silk cotton hook. Black is used mostly velveteen, natural silk cotton stick bedding, blossoms and other materials up to it, can be crocheted with wool. There are also produced by Monster Hats livestock and sheep leather hat is also very well-known. Days Talmud: Nearby transliteration, indicating the mosque imam, or cleric of content protected around his go.

In inclusion to wearing a bright hat Islamic, some are bright, yellow bath towel or content Chantou, vulgar "Chantou again and forth," said. According to tale, Muhammad in the early spread of Islam, Touchan Times Talmud weeks time. Times Talmud length is usually 9 toes or 12 toes. Chantou pay attention when there are many, can only be protected around the top side hairline to the forehead, can not be protected around the forehead to the inside Cheap Monster Energy Hats, so not favorable to kowtow weeks time, bath towel protected around an elbow leaving a lengthy end hanging in the coat, the other end of the winding after pressure to the again of the go protected around the bath towel layer.

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