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Cat Stevens announces comeback tour, musical | Main |

Cat Stevens announces comeback tour, musical | Main |

LONDON - Brit musician Cat Stevens, now known as Yusuf Islam, is back into the limelight, with West End theatres fighting it out to host his new musical.

Cat Stevens - Where do the children play. In order to view this content, please click here to install the latest version of Flash Player. ... Father And Son di Cat Stevens. 4 minutes. Posted by: klycx. Language: English ...

... singing a song that I find inspirational. The instrument of choice may be the piano, guitar, mountain dulcimer, flute, organ, or perhaps just my own voice. The first song is Silent Sunlight, written by Cat Stevens. I#m singing this.

Cat Stevens announces comeback tour, musical. LONDON : Yusuf Islam, the musician formerly known as Cat Stevens, is to return to the stage for his first tour since 1976, he said on Thursday. The British singer-songwriter is to pick up ...

Consequence of Sound is a New York- and Chicago-based, worldly influenced music blog that seeks to cover the music world as it has never has been covered before. Features news, reviews, mp3, and festival outlook.

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