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04.02.2019., ponedjeljak


Is the first company of its kind to create a service that will link the Middle East and Europe with the latest technology, communication, logistics and shipping, in order to convey to the world that Syria and the Middle East in general are productive areas of beauty and creativity. Of the magic, splendor and mastery of various industrial areas, by providing these products at the cheapest prices, and the fastest way of shipping, and the easiest way one-click the purchase of the product from the source directly to the door of your home wherever you are in Europe.

Our country has been distinguished by its quality and craftsmanship since the beginning of the year, and the excellence of various industries, not to mention the cheap prices compared to European countries, for a number of factors (labor, taxes, living, etc.). The second problem is that these goods are traded through several traders to reach the end consumer, which is why they reach a high price fold, and here observed these problems and created A system that allows customers to get these products the same quality But brought directly from the source to the door of the customer's house. Here, a Mozzaik customer saved a lot of money by avoiding paying the merchants' commission and also providing transportation to bring in goods, not to mention physical fatigue and loss of time.
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