The impact of the Internet in the age of Internet advertising!

srijeda , 27.10.2021.

The tendency to expand commercial advertising on the Internet is due to its high profitability. It is an economic activity. Today, most of the economic income of countries depends on their commercial advertising. Shares and developing countries with the lowest share with less than 20% of this amount. Today, new communication technologies have been able to improve business processes and economic revenue compared to the past means of communication. For example, the Internet as a new technology has been able to have the features of the old communication technologies in one place and therefore to have more influence in recent activities, off page seo especially in the field of business.

From the point of view of commercial advertising, whether in terms of the type of service provided, ie geographical coverage or the area of reception of the audience, in terms of time as well as the number of access channels, a global, comprehensive, round-the-clock and multi-channel technology. In terms of sound, image, text quality, the ability to combine audio, video, motion in the form of film and animation, is very prominent, and its interactive feature is a distinctive feature of this technology that has attracted the audience to use commercial advertising.
In the last 20 years, advertising agencies have found that by appealing to people, they can sell them a variety of goods that they do not really need. When people wake up in the morning, they wash their face with a special and expensive soap. Wash, as its manufacturers say, will make the face fragrant. All of this is made by advertising agencies that have turned natural and partial arrogance into important anxieties so that the owners of goods and services can benefit from them.
Critics such as BF, Arlivez accuse the mass media, .Buy permanent backlinks especially advertisers, of causing the audience to react mechanically and, by indoctrination, give them the choice of the fastest pleasures without the slightest effort. Commercial propaganda corrupts emotions, devalues language, exploits people's emotional needs and fears, and encourages them to covet wealth and adapt to the lives of the rich. According to him, the intangible effect of commercials is on people's critical responses to their environment. Although decades have passed since this statement, Arlivize's critiques can still be made and valid today, with the difference that today the attractions of network advertising have increased due to being more interactive and in line with individual tastes. Therefore, in the eyes of critics, the resulting damage is greater, although here the focus is not only on the damage, or in general in presenting the perspective of commercial advertising in a network environment can not turn a blind eye to these damages.

Definitely, considering the expenses that are spent today by large companies on commercial advertisements, and these expenses that skyrocket, the expectation is to sell more of the advertised goods or to change the number of consumers. The attractions of network advertising, and especially the interactive nature of this type of communication, place the consumer messenger in a position that satisfies his desires and finds the message more in line with his expectations and desires. The reason for this is the new features of these facilities.

New technologies have these features, Buy backlinks according to Dennis McQuill, a business expert:

Interactive communication (two-way communication process).

Aggregation (tendency to interpersonal communication).

Asynchronous communication (permanent communication of messages).

Decentralization (emphasis on no specific message).

Use more capacity (increase communication and memory channels and more storage). And flexibility (choice).
lexibility (choice).

According to Dennis McQuill, these features have been achieved thanks to technology distribution and downsizing, downsizing, stacking and receiving technology, low-cost message display and access technology, and control technology. Provided with telephone lines, the performance of new technologies has now shaped the identity and dimensions of the information society.
Speed of transmission, SEO consulting transmission quality and personal choices are the hallmarks of this community. Of course, when Daniel Bell first used the term (information society), he enumerated other features for it, including information overload and information burning, which can be attributed to the characteristics of action. Media added in this context.
However, the point is to emphasize the possibility that this networking has provided to the economy and marketing of goods, and its embodied image is well visible in commercial advertising. Which has contributed the share and has raised the return on investment and profits to very high figures. The cost of producing commercials in various new ways is one of the largest figures in global trade. Nowadays, PBN backlinks new commercial advertisements not only introduce new existing goods to customers, but also the specific method and pattern of such advertisements has become an important impetus for creating new markets.
Numerous factors have transformed commercial advertising in the information age into a new weapon in international trade and commerce; Factors such as competition to conquer and dominate global markets, increase production along with the creation of serious goods

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