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Heartless Doll - Statistically proven online dating advice from ...

Heartless Doll - Statistically proven online dating advice from ...

-- Probably good advice from the OK Cupid people. These guys are smart and their lexical analysis seems hard to refute.

—OkCupid Summer Interns, looking to make the internet more fun. This is a tri-fecta of cool. I love heatmaps, data visualization and transparency. Nice job, interns. Can#t wait to see what else they come up with, would like to see this ...

sooo this lady from okcupid →[More:] what am i supposed to be talking about with her anyway? [kid gloves plz!] background: i wrote to her a quick summary like #i like your profile check out mine# [a paragraph though]; she writes back ...

You don#t need to be embarrassed about visiting dating sites unless you#re into literature instead of video games, insist on using netspeak and cannot spell the word defenestration. (more…)

This is a protocol plugin for using the OkCupid chat in Adium. It#s based on the libpurple plugin at (which in turn is based off the Facebook plugin) ...

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