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Pamela Anderson#39;s Stripping PETA Ad Banned From Airports ...

Pamela Anderson#39;s Stripping PETA Ad Banned From Airports ...

In today#s beauty news, Pamela Anderson is launching her own line of beauty products called Malibu. The new line will be fun, beachy and light. Pamela aims to bring her casual real-life Malibu style to her collection with light, ...

Summer is over, vacations finished, and it#s back to the daily drudgery of working long weeks -- but PETA has a little something special to get your weekend off to a bangin# start: Pam Anderson as a sexy TSA agent! ...

It#s nothing new that for PETA, sex sells. Lots of naked folks on billboards, and stripping down to get the point across that animal products aren#t cool. The latest video has Pamela Anderson at airport security, ensuring that people.

The ad stars Pamela Anderson as a scantily clad airport security guard who strips passengers of leather, fur, and other animal skins. The commercial has been deemed too racy to run by CNN Airport Network. The quirky commercial, titled ...

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