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Amazing ceremony and fantastic

Always & Forever owner and renowned wedding consultant Raquel Ryan stated, "Winter weddings are extremely popular and wanted to give happy couples even more reason to be happy by offering them 10% off of theirLas Vegas wedding ceremony. Everything from the limo driver, to our coordinator, to the photographer, nothing could surpass the courtesy and kindness by those parties.

When asked about their wedding at Lakeside Garden, Natalie and Thomas Matson stated, "thank you for the amazing ceremony and fantastic location for our wedding. All people have to do is mention our "cyber special" to receive 10% off. One of the most popular outdoor wedding ceremony locations continues to be the lakeside garden just 15 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. The lush green garden is located right next to a lake with swaying willow trees and a charming stone bridge as part of the back drop. The long-time company is known for their gorgeous facilities, locations and wedding planning expertise. The location can accommodate small and large groups up to 200 guests. The location is China LED Driver Factory private, romantic and is perfect for wedding pictures." Las Vegas, NV - Couples looking to get married in Las Vegas over the winter can now save an extra 10% by taking advantage of Always & Forever Weddings and Receptions 10% off cyber special. Thank you for making our marriage a wonderful experience we will not forget."

Always & Forever isn't anything like the typical "Vegas Strip Chapel" according to industry insiders and past clients. We will definitely be back to renew our vows.

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